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Who We Are

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Seun Adeyemi

Seun Adeyemi BA, CKA®, CFP®

President, Senior Certified Financial Planner® & Mortgage Specialist

You’ve been blessed with running a successful business, and with that success comes a greater responsibility to steward all that God has blessed you with in a manner that furthers your God-given Purpose and glorifies God.

You’ve worked hard but you know it is God that has brought the increase. Honoring God with all that you have means being diligent in paying only the right amount in taxes (personal and business). The more money you save in taxes, through strategic financial planning, the better your ability to support your local church, community and the causes that are important to you, while diligently planning for a future where you can transition to other God-given “desires” without worrying about money. It also means positioning yourself and business to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones and the greater world around you.

My passion is helping and supporting Christian business owners and their families navigate the complexities of running a profitable business while being good stewards.

As a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) my mission is to provide you with a A Purpose-Driven Plan™ that will show you how to live generously and make a meaningful impact on your family, business and What Really Matters most to you.


Who We Are

SA Capital is a privately owned boutique financial planning firm. We provide fee-based comprehensive financial planning, overall wealth management and strategic investment advice to medium –to – high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and families who seek prudent and intelligent counsel.

We specialize in matters relating to:

  • cash flow analysis,
  • risk management,
  • retirement planning and
  • estate planning.

We know how overwhelming money challenges can be – how to save, where to invest, why even invest at all and the list of goes on.  We’re happy to say that these seeming complexities can be addressed without the confusing jargons and needless choices.

Our practice is reserved to an exclusive group of clients, who affords us the ability to provide customized solutions to meet their needs and interests.

SA Capital is a sole company independent in its decisions for its clients.

Our fees are transparent and are clearly illustrated under each service option, which ensure that our clients will receive appropriate recommendations without any surprises.

In today’s financial market, advisors often lure people with offers of “one plan fits all” policies, which most of the time feature hidden fees that eat into the investment returns. With these types of investment vehicles, the fees paid increase as the asset size.

We at SA Capital believe in a different way of doing business. We believe in a fiduciary standard of practice where our clients come first and our mutual interests are aligned. We have exclusive access to tactical investing solutions that not only allow investments to grow when markets are doing well, but can also provide down-side protection when the markets become unpredictable. With market volatility at an all-time high, investors deserve objective advice that helps them achieve their financial goals and take care of the things that matter™.

Our Vision

SA CAPITAL endeavors to be the premier financial planning and wealth management source for Doctors and Young Professionals from all works of life.

We know that our clients want to protect and nurture the people who mean most to them.

Our greatest fulfillment comes from helping our clients build lives that matter.

And it gives us deep satisfaction when they enjoy peace of mind knowing that the things they worked hard to attain are well taken cared of.

Our Mission

SA Capital helps their investors achieve their life goals, protect their wealth and safeguard what really matters.

Because every client faces unique challenges, goals and aspirations, we believe that each deserve a customized solution designed to be as unique as the individual. Using a holistic and comprehensive model, we pride ourselves in taking time to find out what’s important to each client via careful and thorough analysis.

This enables us to create flexible, tailored solutions that not only apply to a client’s current circumstances, but are amenable to changes as an individual evolves.

We constantly evolve and adapt to the changing economic climate, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative solutions.

As a firm we are guided by our core principles of Stewardship, Accountability and Commitment. This principles when combined create powerful forces that empower our clients to build lives that truly matter.


This is where our work begins: a mindset that understands all we own have been entrusted in our care for prudent and responsible management. Every decision we make as a firm emanates from this principle as we seek to guide our clients toward better wealth management. It is critical to understand that we will be held responsible for the decisions we make in managing our resources. Like the parable of the talent, more is often given to those who demonstrate proper stewardship. SA Capital is founded on Christian principles; thus we believe that God owns it all; we are managers for a temporary period– Psalm 24:1. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously.


We hold ourselves in high standard, both in service and the quality of advice we give. Our goal is to challenge and hold you accountable of your dreams as we guide you in making informed and sound financial decisions. As our client, you can also hold us accountable to always act in your best interests.


As a firm founded on faith and family values, commitment isn’t just a word we use; it’s an expression of who we are. We are fiercely loyal to our clients and the pursuit of their goals so they can focus on What Really Matters™.

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