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On today’s episode, we explore a quick, fun and effective tool that helps us discover our money personality, or our “habitude” – which is a combination of habits and attitudes. Habitudes are automatic reactions, responses, and overall motives behind the every day money decisions that we make, and they affect our married relationship, positively or negatively.

Syble Solomon is the founder of the personality game “Money Habitudes” and joins us to discuss the psychology behind everyone’s relationship with money.

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The different Money Habitudes and how they relate with each other,
  • How to “diagnose” your money habitude,
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each habitude,
  • The true source of conflict in a relationship (hint: it’s not the money!),
  • How to align your habitude with your spouse’s for effective money management and shared goals.

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