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On today’s show, we continue our conversation with Dr. Corey Allan, a marriage Family Therapist, to discuss the issue of vulnerability in a marriage and how to navigate those “sensitive” topics that exist. Vulnerability allows closeness within a marriage and offers a unique opportunity for growth, because after all, marriage is intended for more than to just make us “happy”.   

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How past experiences, even from childhood, affects the present and how to move forward through the bad ones
  • Sharing your feelings and fears with your spouse, and how that brings unity and alignment of goals & purpose in your marriage
  • Owning personal struggles and weaknesses, and knowing when and how to ask for help from your spouse
  • Learning to deal with your spouse’s mistakes and differences in opinion in an agreeable and honoring way
  • Learning to effectively communicate your need(s) to your spouse

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