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Purpose Driven Financial Planning

A Life Well-lived Is A Life Lived On Purpose

Are You Living Purposefully?

You know you’ve been placed here to make a difference but sometimes life and it’s demands can make that hard to do. A Purpose-Driven Financial Plan™ will give you a step-by-step guide that will show you how to live generously and make a meaningful impact on your family, business and the causes that you are passionate about.

Live Purposefully, Magnify Your Impact

The Plan

We exist to inspire and empower you to live out Your Purpose one call, check-in, plan, review or conversation at a time.


We work with you through a series of fun exercises that will help you discover or reaffirm Your Purpose and what truly matters most to you.


We design a financial plan that puts your purpose at the center and aligns your money with your values & goals and the life that you desire.


You get the freedom and clarity to go out and live the life you were called to live without fear or worry. We empower you every step of the way.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seun is an intelligent, articulate, resourceful Financial Advisor. Seun's ability to work from concept to final output is one of many unique and valuable talents."

Gbemi Adetayo, Mississauga, ON

"Seun is intellectual, knowledgeable and current when it comes to Financial matters. Above all, he is personable and loves what he does, helping clients meet their financial goals and lay a firm foundation for their families."

Betty Nas, Ajax, ON

"I cannot recommend Seun enough for the work he did with me on my personal financial planning. Through his advice I have pretty much achieved a number of short-term and medium-term objectives I laid out with him almost 2 years ago. I extremely highly recommend him and would always do so."

Efe Oniovosa, Mississauga, ON

"Seun was patient with me and never condescending when I had questions that may have seemed very simple to the financial expert but complicated to someone like me."

N. Campbell-Djedje, Toronto, ON

"As a Financial Advisor Seun goes above and beyond to make sure that his clients receive prudent, sound and timely financial advice based on strategic and values driven decisions."

Jeffrey Kwesiga, Mississauga, ON

"We were very impressed when Seun not only came to our home, but took an in-depth look into our financial assets and helped us come up with a plan for debt-repayment and investment opportunities. "

Michelle Ajibola, Brampton, ON

"I think the most important thing for me is having someone who cares beyond having clients on his Rolodex; this is what I get every time I speak with him. Thank you Seun for coming into my life at the time you did."

UduakAbasi Etuk, Ottawa, ON

"The impact his work has had and keeps having on the way i manage not only my finances, but also my current and future plans as a young individual, is beyond exceptional. "

Dorcas O. Shittu, Edmonton, AB

Case One

Stressed out Couple


Dominic and Esther are in their mid-to-late 30s. He is a successful engineer and she is a well-paid marketing consultant with an I.T. company in Toronto. They have been married for 12 years and have three children, ages 10, 7, and 5. As a working couple with three young children, they barely have time to evaluate their finances. They have very ambitious goals but have never found the time to map out how they will attain them…

Case Two

Single Working Mom


Glenda is a working mother of two boys in her early 40s. As Nurse Practitioner, she earned a healthy salary that she was quite proud of. A few years ago, she met with a financial advisor in an attempt to make sure that she was on track financially. The advisor she met with convinced her to take out an investment loan to get a tax write-off. Glenda’s investment portfolio wasn’t doing well and due to the state of the market…

Case Three

Young Professional


Tony is a young professional who has worked his way up the corporate ladder over the last 11 years. He now earns a six-figure salary and for the first time in his life, he feels that he can really start planning for his future. Tony bought a condo in Richmond Hill a few years ago, and also has some small investments but “nothing substantial”. He would love to invest in more properties…

Case Four

Medical Professional/Business Owner


Stanley is a busy Obstetrician/Gynecologist who, over the years, has accumulated sizable capital within his corporation. He is beginning to think about retirement and estimates that in another 15 years he would really like to slow things down. He would also like to move some money out of his corporation…

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Seun Adeyemi

Seun Adeyemi BA, CKA®, CFP®

President, Senior Certified Financial Planner® & Mortgage Specialist

You’ve been blessed with running a successful business, and with that success comes a greater responsibility to steward all that God has blessed you with in a manner that furthers your God-given Purpose and glorifies God.

You’ve worked hard but you know it is God that has brought the increase. Honoring God with all that you have means being diligent in paying only the right amount in taxes (personal and business). The more money you save in taxes, through strategic financial planning, the better your ability to support your local church, community and the causes that are important to you, while diligently planning for a future where you can transition to other God-given “desires” without worrying about money. It also means positioning yourself and business to leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones and the greater world around you.

My passion is helping and supporting Christian business owners and their families navigate the complexities of running a profitable business while being good stewards.

As a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) and a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) my mission is to provide you with a A Purpose-Driven Plan™ that will show you how to live generously and make a meaningful impact on your family, business and What Really Matters most to you.


My WHY my faith in God, my wife and my three children

Favorite Sport/Team

Basketball, Raptors fanatic for almost two decades. We the North!

TV Show

Suits. Need I say more?

Currently enjoying the sounds of

Elevation Worship, music that transports you to the throne of God

Favorite past time

curled up binge watching TV shows or reading a book

Biggest Influences

My dad, John Piper, Dave Ramsey (in that order)

Bucket List

Sky Diving, learn to play golf, travel to Paris with my wife.

Favorite books

Tough Times Never Last, Start with Why, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

First date

Mcdonalds, lol I know, call me cheap. It was totally impromptu

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